Storm Water Infrastructure User Fee

The Storm Water program is funded by the Storm Water Infrastructure User Fee, which provides a fair, equitable, transparent
and dependable source of funding to support the program and allow it to meet applicable federal and state regulations including Clean Water Act requirements.

  • Fair: All properties in unincorporated Porter County generate storm water runoff, which needs to be conveyed,
    treated and managed by the county’s storm water infrastructure. Because all property owners use and/
    or benefit from such infrastructure, all property owners pay to fund the program.
  • Equitable: The storm water infrastructure user fee a property owner pays to use the county’s storm water
    infrastructure is generally based on the amount of storm water runoff that his or her property is expected
    to generate, and that needs to be conveyed, treated and managed by such infrastructure.
  • Transparent: The fees collected are used solely to fund the Storm Water program’s efforts to provide
    drainage, improve water quality, reduce flood damage and maintain and enhance the county’s storm water infrastructure.
  • Dependable: The fee provides a dependable revenue stream to provide sufficient funding for proactive inspection,
    maintenance, repair, reconstruction and enhancement of the County’s storm water infrastructure, resulting in lower costs to property owners over time.

To appeal your storm water user fee, please complete and submit the application below to our office.

Storm Water User Fee Appeal Application (PDF) 

Storm Water User Fee Appeal Guidelines (PDF)