Clover Hills Sub Storm Water Improvements Project

The Clover Hills Subdivision Storm Water Management Improvements project resolved a long standing drainage issue within the cul-de-sac of Calloway Court. The project included the installation of storm sewer and storm sewer structures to provide a functioning outlet for the area. Historically, an old clay tile served as the drainage outlet for the cul-de-sac. After that drain tile failed, the cul-de-sac no longer had a functioning outlet. This caused standing water to be present year-round.before photo

The above photo shows Calloway Court looking southeast at the standing water on the roadway and in the roadside ditch before the project. Storm sewer structures were installed in the roadside ditch, and storm sewer was installed from the storm sewer structures to outlet in an existing pond area. 

after photo

The finished product is shown in the above photo, Calloway Court looking southeast at the improved roadside ditch and inlet. 

This project was completed in September 2020.