Saddlebrook Sub Storm Water Improvements

Update 7/11/22:

The Saddlebrook Storm Water Management System Project has been substantially completed! All disturbed areas are in the final restoration phase. In summary, the failed master tile was replaced by a surface-level swale and a parallel new storm sewer pipe beneath. Both drainage elements connect to the freshly improved detention basin. All disturbed areas have been restored with seeded erosion control blanket as shown. Once vegetated, the grassy stormwater management system will be ready for rain!Detention Basin Restored

Update 1/12/22:

The Saddlebrook project is almost complete, yet on hold throughout the winter! 

Prior to the winter shutdown, the contractor installed all storm sewer, pipe underdrains, and rough graded the swale and detention basin. The photo to the left shows the pipe underdrain with some backfill material before being buried. The photos on the right were taken after the pipe was covered. Lastly, straw mulch and silt logs were installed to help prevent erosion throughout the winter and early spring. 

Pipe Underdrain Open, Backfilled

The photo below was taken recently, after the winter erosion controls and temporary stabilization measures were installed. The graded swale will be protected by this layer during the harsh winter elements. In the spring, the contractor will finish grade the swale, seed and place erosion control blanket or straw mulch in the disturbed areas.  

Saddlebrook Winter Shutdown (1)

Update 11/16/21:

New storm water infrastructure is being installed at Saddlebrook Subdivision! We will be replacing a failed septic system perimeter drain outlet tile, also called a master tile. Perimeter drain systems are designed to carry the water from heavy rains, melting snow or rising groundwater away from households into the storm water infrastructure. In this project, we will be improving the drainage and storm water management services to the neighborhood by replacing the main tile and enhancing an existing detention basin.  The overall purpose of the project is to enhance the drainage and storm water management services provided to the surrounding property owners by improving the area’s storm water infrastructure.  Check out the project exhibit below!Saddlebrook Plans Annotated