Porter County Storm Water Management Program

The Storm Water Management Program coordinates activities, administers programs and implements projects across incorporated Porter County to provide drainage, improve water quality, reduce flood damages and maintain and enhance the county’s valuable storm water infrastructure. The Storm Water program’s service area excludes only the county’s municipalities and five of its eight conservancy districts. The department is directly responsible for the inspection, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of more than 450 miles of public drainage and storm water infrastructure, including ditches, drain tiles and storm sewers, as well
as more than 100 storm water management facilities/detention basins.

      The Storm Water program is funded by the Storm Water Infrastructure User Fee, which provides a fair, equitable, transparent and dependable source of funding to support the program and allow it to meet applicable federal and state regulations including Clean Water Act requirements.

       The Storm Water program initiated more than 150 projects across unincorporated Porter County in 2018, with a total contract value of more than $4.6 million. The projects are aimed at resolving drainage problems, improving water quality, reducing flood damages, and maintaining and enhancing the county’s valuable storm water infrastructure.