Hidden Hollow Subdivision Improvements

Updated July 11, 2022

Hidden Hollow Restoration VerticalThe Hidden Hollow Subdivision Storm Sewer Management System Project has reached substantial completion!  Over 500 linear feet of storm sewer was installed to provide flood relief, as well as a new pond outlet pipe for proper drainage.  The project is now in the restoration phase as we wait for vegetative roots to take hold and stabilize the disturbed areas.  

Along the disturbed areas, the wetlands were reshaped and blended to the adjacent grades.  These areas were next treated with fertilizer to encourage growth, and the "stormwater" seed mix was applied to restore vegetation.  Erosion control blanket was installed overall all restored areas to reinforce and quicken growth.  Once restored, this drainage area will function better for flood control, as well as improving storm water quality as it flows through the nearby interconnected wetland and waterways.  


Updated June 24, 2022

Wetland Types

Did you know there are two wetland types within the boundaries of the Hidden Hollow project? They are classified by the National Wetlands Inventory, which provided by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.  The two types are explained below:

1. Freshwater Pond: nontidal, deep water habitat with small stones and low vegetative cover, steady water level 

2. Freshwater Forested/Shrub wetland: woody vegetation including small trees and shrubs, broad-leaved plants, floods seasonally, and is partially drained/ditched.  

Before we could conduct work within these wetlands, we submitted an application and a proposed work description. Using this tool, you can learn about your local wetlands and build an understanding of the local waterways. It also provides additional resources and helpful seasonal information! Check it out here: https://www.fws.gov/program/national-wetlands-inventory/wetlands-mapper

Hidden Hollow ESC Plan

The in-house design project plans identified the wetland boundaries, easements that were obtained and included detailed directions for construction and restoration. 

The new storm sewer pipe and reconstructed pond outfall will allow for better storm water management and drainage during storm events.  The original pond remains as a wet bottom pond to be enjoyed by the residents of Hidden Hollow Subdivision.

Updated April 14, 2022

Upcoming construction project in Hidden Hollow Subdivision!  The detention basin that serves Hidden Hollow Subdivision was originally a wet bottom pond with an old clay tile as the outlet.  The tile has failed, which caused the pond to flow overland 1.5 feet higher than the original design water surface elevation.  A few sinkholes have formed along the downstream tile alignment due to the failures in the pipe.  The storm water system improvements will consist of replacing this failed drain tile and installing a new outlet allowing the pond to drain properly.  Stay tuned to see the progress. 

The photo below is from the existing pond, taken earlier this year.

Hidden Hollow Detention Basin Before Project