Shorewood Forest Improvements

Shorewood Forest Subdivision – Storm Water Infrastructure Study (UPDATED 8/25/2020)

Porter County is in the planning and assessment stage of an important effort to repair, rehabilitate and reconstruct the storm water management system serving the Shorewood Forest subdivision, which is located in unincorporated Porter County, and is bounded by US 30 to the north, CR 350 W to the east, CR 100 N to the south, and CR 500 W to the west.

 Shorewood Forest encompasses an area of approximately 920 acres developed over the course of 30 years, from the mid-1970s through the mid-2000s.  The subdivision includes 960 residential lots, numerous common areas, and Lake Louise.  Storm water infrastructure within the subdivision ranges from 20 to 40 years old, with corrugated metal pipe (CMP) storm sewers serving the older parts of the subdivision and reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) storm sewers serving the newer parts.

Many repairs and modifications have been made to the infrastructure over the years and portions of the subdivision being served by CMP storm sewers are beginning to exhibit signs of deterioration and the need for infrastructure rehabilitation and/or reconstruction.  Several ravines can be found throughout the subdivision, many of which are showing signs of degradation such as downcutting and widening.  A significant amount of off-site drainage makes its way to and through the subdivision’s ravines and storm water infrastructure and into Lake Louise.

Based on the results of questionnaires distributed during the completion of the 2010 comprehensive drainage plan, and reports of storm water concerns received by the Department since 2016, residents are concerned about a variety of storm water-related issues in the subdivision, ranging from sediment loads making their way into Lake Louise, to the health of the ravines, to a variety of minor drainage and flooding issues throughout the subdivision.

The Shorewood Forest Subdivision Storm Water Infrastructure Study will document and evaluate existing problems and concerns, analyze potential solutions, and serve as the foundation for future storm water infrastructure repair, maintenance, construction and reconstruction efforts throughout the subdivision.  

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DISCLAIMER: Project specifics and dates subject to change during the project planning and design process. Please contact project manager for any updates that may not be included here.